Saturday, 9 August 2008

All hands on deck..

Yey! Finally resurfaced!
The last three weeks have been a flurry of activity. The last three months before, lulled us into a false sense of bravado with time-keeping. Ha! Well it all caught up with a vengeance! I actually quite enjoy the last burst getting everything ready for an exhibition (though it probably doesn't show!!) Sleeves rolled up, shoulders set for action and paintbrush a-flying...I always feel useful when it's manic panic stations! We have spent most of today getting things in situ, ready for tomorrow's preview evening, and can now calm down a bit and enjoy the ride! Just have to remember to buy the cucumber for the Pimms- we can manage that!
The only down side to all this is not having the time to blog, and not being able to catch up on other peoples. It is fascinating part of the day to drop in and see what's going on globally, and you get quite attached to certain bloggers and their lives! Without wishing life away, roll on the 18th- I can spend all day catching back up again! A well earned treat.
The picture is the poster Mike has created for the advertising- I had to share it, as I think it's lovely and should pull people in!


Norma Pugh said...

We wish you all the best for a great exhibition. We love the poster Mike. See you Friday. Love Mems and Peps XX

Serena said...

Thank you, and can't wait! Luv Usxxx