Wednesday, 20 August 2008

New directions...

Isn't it remarkable how a break in your ordinary day to day runnings, gives rise to new ideas and inspiration? My husband has worked tirelessly (when there is no football on, anyway!) to help get me up and running. New business cards for me every time the wind changes, posters that can take all day because I need to see EVERY font he has (6000+, hoo I can push my luck sometimes!) and translating my rambling glumphy ideas ( for those that don't speak serena, that was lumpy and gumph btw!) into coherent web pages for my website he designed. Not to mention any large scale canvas printing I feel I cannot do without, there and then. Ergo, an idea has formed, from his watchful eye at my exhibition. Mike is now in the process of putting together a basic package for artists to get themselves set up, through him, with stationery, branding if needed, small portfolio-style website with gallery pages etc, web hosting, exhibition space, and fine art giclee reproduction onto a variety of media. This all needs fine tuning of course, but the wheels have already been set in motion. I will naturally be passing on more detailed info as it happens. It seems non-sensical to have all this wherewithal and experience laying dormant.
And isn't it also remarkable that within 5 mins of being back in the studio your desk does a masterful impression of being buried alive! At least it proves I am getting on with all those commissions!



You are a most fortunate gal to have someone who's able to do all these things,,,but then you know that!
Love the ladies on your table!
Your work is amazingly diverse,,yet you do it all so well!

Serena said...

Thank you Babs- the ladies have proved very successful commission-wise, with people wanting them on a variety of things! As for Mike.. he can cook too, doesn't mind a spot of hoovering and opens doors to ladies!(Puts the seat down 'n all!!) A most marvellous man!

chrisbellinger said...

Hi Serana
This is abot the forth day of this grey weather, we did have a bit of sun yesterday for a couple of minuets
yesterday afternoon, but back to the greyness
Like your new design
I am over at wordpess now and have a link to your blog

Serena said...

Thank you for the link Chris- have just popped over to yours and left a comment....thought the car was great fun!