Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ever onwards......

It feels strange being back in the Studio. I quite enjoyed getting dressed up to go out to 'work', with clothes that had no paint on them. I felt a twinge of regret pulling on my coverall that looks like it's been through ten rounds of extreme paint-balling! We have been busy today catching up on deliveries and commissions, whilst also searching for the next venue. Anyone one would think we thoroughly enjoyed this 'exhibiting do-dah!?'
Highlights of the show have included people coming along from the Bath and West earlier this year- so advertising and shameless self-promotion seems to work. Commissions have featured well also, in different medias....I have loads to do now, so 'Whoo!'- no getting listless and un-focused for me. The more work for me, the more sane my husband becomes (less time for disruptive behaviour from madam here!) There may also be a commission in the offing for a book cover. I had a very quick chat with a lovely lady who has released a book, and is now ready to release her second one. Her name is Julie Mulholland and her first book is called 'The Iraqi'- if you check out her website she has posted some preview chapters (well-written, racy and pacy) to read, but don't stop there....buy the book, especially if I have done the cover on it!! Hee!
Another highlight has of course been the wonderful feedback and comments of appreciation received. It can be quite hard to gauge where you are, when you are sat alone in an ivory tower day in day out. On reflection, I now know I gave good account, and also now know of ways forward. A big thank you to everyone who took time out to come and drop by to see us, and chat. Some of you came from afar, for which we are deeply grateful.
The pictures are of local interest which didn't get shown on the blog before the show, so I'm posting these to big-up our town! The West Barn is now occupied by another artist, Simon Hodges, who is there for two weeks. His work is wonderful and well worth the visit if you are in the area.
And that's quite enough promoting other people for one night!


Norma Pugh said...

What a wonderful experience we had at your exhibition. You have both worked so hard and well deserve the appreciation you received. Now, back to work! Love Mems and Peps


"Ever onwards" seems to be your call to arms,
And it's obviously paying off!
Wonderful work shown here, which is no surprise. How I wish I could ride the magic carpet & pop in to see all your fine things in person!
Wow,,how cool that would be!

Serena said...

Dear Mems and Peps, I'm taking a half minute break to say thank you for your as ever, kind comments....
BZZZZZZZZZZ oops, time's up- back to work!!!!! :o) x

Serena said...

Ooh Babs- now there's an idea! I wish I could weave one! I wonder if Ebay do an 'astral yarn!?' That might work! Lol! I don't have a drivers license, but who's going to catch us anyway?! The thought of you popping on over on a flying carpet has made my day- the weekend is supposed to be better weather and I make a rubbish cup of tea,so..... how 'bout it!!!!? S :o)

(Uh-oh- got rug designs flying round my head now!)