Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Adventures Of Charlotte Khan..... book cover

It took an awful lot longer than I originally thought it would as I woefully miscalculated just how long 'doing the Hong Kong skyline' would take, but here is the approved cover for Julie's (Mulholland) new book. Actually the text hasn't been approved but I only put that on to show the general idea of the finished article. The book is called 'The adventures of Charlotte Khan.... Charlotte goes to Hong Kong' and will be the first of many episodes, knowing Julie's 'hot nib' prolificacy! I had word from her saying just how much she enjoyed the cover idea and it was exactly want she wanted. This bodes very well for future collaborations which I am hoping for, as Julie is one of those people with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life, and sunny temperament to boot. A lovely lady indeed. I do hope her book gets the break it deserves- and no, not just because I have a vested interest!

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