Saturday, 22 August 2009

New website alert!

My husband is a very talented man. He has just completed a full blown, bells and whistles garnished professional photography website for me to house my ever growing collection of local scenes. I know I am biased, but I think it is a fantastic effort and it all looks professional, modern and easily navigable. A job well done indeed. This new site will run alongside my main art site which also has a more worldwide photography section, but as mentioned before the new website will house photos taken of places in the West Country, my inspirational stomping ground. Hence the name 'West Country Photographs'- a ' it does exactly what it says on the tin' style name! If anyone is interested in having a look here is the link

As ever, all thoughts and comments will be gratefully received, and if any of you out there want your own website why not get in contact with Mike through here- he is very friendly as well as clever!

p.s. Thank you Peps for proof reading it all for us!


Norma Pugh said...

Fantastic website. It all works brilliantly. Really great photos Serena, and of course, very professional job Mike. You are a clever pair. Love Mems and Peps XX

Serena said...

Thank you Mems and Peps!! As ever, lovely kind comments to spur us on! What would we do without your support? Not half of it I'll wager xxxxxxx

~Babs said...

Well that was fun!
I toured the whole thing,,,even took a few side trips to your website, etc.
Such talent should be against the law,,,and the two of you locked up, as you have more than your share!
You know I'm kidding,,
(well, kinda)
Great job Mike!

Chris Bellinger said...

liked your new web site lots
you have been busy!
I have been doing a mini series of inspirational people on line so would like to feature you, may I borrow a couple of images say a painting and a photograph do not know when I shall need it no rush keep taking the 'Fine Art Photographs.

Serena said...

Ha Babs! Thank you for whizzing around the new webby and such.... you've made Mike very happy as normally it's me that gets the compliments!! It's only right to redress the balance! Hope you liked the photos of our home town as it gives you a sense of what we look at each day- but its a far cry from lakeside living!! :oD x

Serena said...

Thank you for the comments Chris- I know you like your photography too!
Also thank you for the shout out to come, just let me know when you need anything. It's very kind of you to include me to your blog like that- however if it is inspirational people you are after why not feature yourself?! A mature student putting himself through an Art degree as you did is far more inspirational in my opinion :o)

~Babs said...

I DO love picturing you in your natural habitat,,,and to me it's far more fascinating than lakeside, having never actually been there and gotten the 'feel' of it!

Serena said...

Babs, we are just gonna have to get those magic carpets dusted off and do a week in each others habitats- what fun! XX

~Babs said...

And wouldn't that be fabulous!