Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Adventures Of Charlotte Khan.....

Not so long back in Blogland I posted a couple of cartoon-style illustrations for a new children's book by Julie Mulholland- the lady I had previously worked on book cover ideas for (The Iraqi, and Guns and Roses.) Well, to cut a long story short (can I hear a collective sigh of relief?) she has approved of the designs and sent them off to her publisher. I can show the rest off now without fear of hexing it all. I had an inordinate amount of fun doing these as illustrating a children's book is quite a way removed from my ordinary works; not only was it a liberating media to attempt, but whilst I was immersed in the drawings I kept reliving parts of my childhood long since forgotten... embarrassing moments at school, fun days out and copious amounts of daydreaming the weird and wonderful, all came flooding back. Further more I have been asked to do the book cover too, so it looks like I am gainfully employed in this game for a bit longer!


~Babs said...

Oh Serena, I love all these!
That jungle gym however brings such a big smile to my face, as I surely was the queen of that contraption in 5th grade!
These look like a tremendous amount of fun to do,,,,and I'm so glad for the opportunity for you!

Serena said...

Thank you Babs- kind words again!
I can just picture you on the jungle gym hanging upside down or sitting at the tallest point! I hope you had pigtails too! I was more of a roundabout girl- much speedier and funnier to walk away from with your balance all awry!
Here's to the inner child :o)