Wednesday, 30 January 2008

New "tags!"

More stuff to put on the website- greeting cards this time. I have found a nice, little, craftily tucked away area that does not interfere with the main workings. Near the bottom, like my footie team. It is great to be able to offer the service, but I have my fingers in more pies than Jack Horner, and cannot afford to be spending all my time on just these! I do enjoy doing these little unique glass art cards. Some of them take longer than regular sized paintings....real fiddly fun.
Mike has spent all his evening sorting out the meta tags (?!) for both the websites. Hopefully Google will start picking us up a bit better now, as we had so much behind-the-scenes gumph we were actually overpowering the system. We are leaner than a racing snake now. He has been extremely clever for someone who hadn't even worked a computer before a few years back. He can show Bill Gates a thing or two now. I'm hoping that when I reach 40, I too, will have some sort epiphany and divine power thrust upon me.

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