Sunday, 16 March 2008

Gloves of Rock! .....

I like this grotty weather- the weekly under 13's football got rained off this morning! Don't get me wrong- it's not the standing about in unsuitable footwear in the marshy bogland that passes for the pitch, not knowing the offside rule, or pre-teens using swear words you haven't heard of before, that can be grim. No, it's me. I get so "team-ist" and aggressive...highly unattractive at my age! So instead we put up the battening, ready for Arthur (the van) to receive his much-needed, ply-lining innards. Strangely, we thought it would be easy.
The glue gun was too long for the housing unit, so Mike chopped off the bottom of the tube. Unfortunately, he pierced through the end, so I (he has a small phobia of getting goo on his hands!) had to manually spread this 'hard as nails' grouty glue stuff with my fingers. It didn't seem a problem for the first half hour. Our biggest problem was the two metal sheets riveted to the top of the fibreglass roof which had sizeable leaks coming from both of them. Mike had to shear them off by hammering, which made the newly glued battens drop off the sides of the van! Where's an octopus when you need one? Every available limb was put to good use holding wood in place, while removal of the metal proved our worst fears. Two big holes.... which will now be made into skylights! By this time however, the stuff on my hands had set hard. I felt like the Thing from the Fantastic 4 made of rock! Picking at it was slow and painful, so I Lobster Thermidored myself in scalding soapy water for half an hour just to get it off. I'm not complaining- it says quite plainly in the destructions 'not to get it on your skin'... I'm just passing on a good hindsight tip for free- buy a long enough glue gun to start with!
The photo is an outline of a new version of the Laughing Man, courtesy of my attack of dropsy earlier, and another new lamp called "Elevation." Needless to say, I concentrated properly photographing these two lamps- no mishaps this time!
I hope everyone has a good week to come. Take care.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, that sounds really painful. You should take more care of those valuable "artist" hands. Love the replacement lamp.
Mems and Peps.