Saturday, 15 March 2008

A smashing time indeed...before and after pictures

I excelled myself yesterday. I had what can only be described as the ' un-Midas' touch. Everything I came into contact with, turned to shards. It became so bad my husband actually started to walk around after me with the hoover permanently attached to his hand. It started off by an innocent languid stretch in my new, much higher, work chair. Carnage followed! The lamp behind me got brushed against, which in turn knocked up against the office clock, which in turn fell down...... and smashed all the vases I had drying on the radiator below. The noise was so startling I forgot to get snippy or upset - more concerned really on not cutting myself to shreds getting out with no shoes on.
No, I most definitely did not get snippy then.
We decided to go for lunch after cleaning up, where upon I clean swept a Pyrex jug of the kitchen side with an arm jolt manoeuvre. Have you ever dropped Pyrex? Awful, lethal stuff. No joke, it went everywhere with this horrible deep cracking noise! I felt a tad embarrassed by my prevalent clumsiness, so I still didn't get snippy. Just kept uttering apologies and " leave it to me"s.
No, I finally got snippy after lunch. I went to photograph my latest piece, The Laughing Man, for the website. A very large Art Deco style lamp that took me a week to finish..... and just a second to drop on the floor. Now THAT got to me dear reader. Right in the stomach, a real gut-wrencher, as they say. I have of course started another one, which if I'm honest is laid out shape-wise much better, but I did feel it necessary to take photos of the "well-he-isn't-bloody-laughing-now"man, as some kind of cathartic healing ritual. I am also thinking of changing media, to say, cotton wool and rubber, maybe? Or marshmallow. That stuff is safer.


memsandpeps said...

Sorry to read about your smashing day and do hope that the new lamp is coming on well. We love reading your blog and are great admirers of your beautiful work.

Serena said...

Wayhey!!!!! Welcome aboard the blog!!!!Mems and Peps- your gorgeous! Ta very muchly for the lovely comment! What fun! xxxxx