Monday, 10 March 2008

When you're on a roll....

I felt quite pleased with yesterdays idea of doing a 'Tides and Toes' range, that another two rolled of the creative wagon today. Strange how that happens- some days fly by bursting with colours and shapes, and other days it's a real struggle to find inspiration, I find. Glad I had a productive day though, as now I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty for not taking some exercise today. Mike has been the same, having spent all day installing Leopard on his lovely Mac. Big brain stuff trying to work it all out. We got a bit carried away and tried to install it on my 'puter, which of course 'it couldn'a take the power, Cappin' and crashed. In the ensuing gobbledygook on the screen there was a superfluous message (I feel) that said, AND I QUOTE..." we are hanging here, time to panic" as one of the screen commands! We were speechless! Is this normal Apple procedure? I started to laugh... it was the only command I could understand (and relate to!) I feel a little more computer literate now.

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SerenArts said...

A talented painter AND computer literate! Surely this must be a first!!?
Love your work as usual. Keep it up...please!