Monday, 24 March 2008

Return of the Laughing man lamp!

Finally finished him, as a replacement for the previous dropped effort. One good thing I've noticed since shattering him on the floor, is....noticing, really! How aware am I now of my more fragile pieces? Doesn't do any harm to shake yourself up now and again, she said blithely- although you couldn't have told me at the time. I felt so good about re-doing that lamp that it galvanized me onward... work has just flowed. Hmm... what can I break next?!


Karen said...

Serena! Your art is absolutely spectacular!! The glass work is beyond words. Love your blog!

Serena said...

Kind words indeed, Karen! Thank you so very much- what a boost! I shall be treating myself tonight with a thorough journey through your webbie- I'm so nosy!! Take care and again, thank you S :)