Sunday, 9 March 2008

Little Boy Blue

I recently sold a small picture of a little girl looking down at the tide coming in, not for the technique of the painting or the sheer brilliance of the artwork involved (!) but purely for the subject matter, I think. Almost everyone can relate to being at the beach and feeling the tide wash over their feet. Did you run away at each ebb and flow, or did you stay firmly rooted, gasping at the coolness of the water? I always 'toughed' it out- not because of any degree of courage, more for the lack of coordination and running skills really. This modest little sale has inspired me to do a series now, which I will call 'Tides and Toes.' The paintings are very small, and relatively fuss-free compared to my other artworks, so they can be slotted in amongst the general creativity that goes on here. Here's the next- Little Boy Blue. Hope you like him, I like his dinky, chubby arms. Even if the subject matter isn't to your taste, at least you can reminisce there once was summer!


kokoclown said...

Hi i would just like to say that this piece of artwork is very lovely and you have done extremly well.

Kirstin said...

Love the blog and the artwork! (from Kirstin, Julian & June)

Serena said...

You lot are so cool!! Thank you muchly. Hope all goes well with you, love, light and laughter, Serena and Mike xxxxx