Thursday, 8 May 2008

Fake fusing!

Nearly finished these little beauties off- just have to peel back the tape and clean up the edges if needs be. These panels will be glued onto mirrors to reflect the colour back. The result is like fused glass, but without mucho scorchio electricito. And quite the only option when you don't have a kiln! I get commissioned to do these in all sorts of colourways and sizes- the left is 'lots of blues and greens please!', and the right one is 'can you do aubergine?!' To keep the effect as glasslike as possible I use pipettes, rather than brushes which leave marks. Time-consuming but utterly worth it for the wow factor.

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Cestandrea said...

Hi Serena, I cam here from Kim's blog, curious:) I feel connected to your diversity, and to your colourful way of working with all kinds of supports and paints,
have a wonderful day