Friday, 9 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Mum

I am about to test the theory of 'suffering for your art', as I am currently sat by the window at the 'puter whilst there is a really flashy, crashy, bish-bashy thunderstorm going on. I could be in for the best root lift perm ever! Actually, I'm trying to big this storm up a bit, as I can see the blue sky two minutes behind it. I just like to pretend I live dangerously. Another example of living on the edge would be to forget to mention my mum's birthday today! She may be past retirement age but she certainly doesn't look it, or more importantly act it- we saw her 'busting some moves' on the dance floor last week in my son's 'blinged-up hip-hop hoodie' (could somebody please translate for me what on earth I have just written? I feel weirdly bi-lingual.) Mum hasn't even had her first grey hair yet...marvellously disgraceful indeed! That's Mum's gnome Gerbert on the window sill. He is in for a spray job, so I thought while he's here he can have a guided tour of my new artwork. Educate him a little, open up new horizens for him. I think I have my work cut out though... all he wants to do is drink beer.
The lamp and tank vase I finished today ready for The Show. I was really pleased with the way they both turned out....until I stepped back and looked at the lamp again. A wry smile spread on my face. Is it just me or does that look like a futuristic hamster tower complete with hamster? I won't be offended. Surely some Art is supposed to make you smile?!

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Norma Pugh said...

Just catching up on your blog. Like the fake fusions. Love Mems and Peps XXX