Thursday, 29 May 2008

So far at the Royal Bath and West.....

This is going to be more of a picture story than a narrative, methinks!
Well we arrived all bright-eyed and grins to set up and actually left all bright-eyed etc, as everything went to plan. It's such a relief when it's all in place, switched on and ready for action. Looking back I think we were lulled into a false sense of security with the balminess of the weather! What fools we were! Our weather system is all 'broked up'- what a load of rubbish! When we did eventually get a nice spell today, miserable monsoony mayhem came back late afternoon with a fearful vengeance! Within minutes the main drag was under 4-6 inches of muddy water, and no item of clothing was left dry from the driving rain- even underpinnings were saturated. I think I was 3 the last time I sat in such wet knickers!! I wish I could have stopped and taken some photos of people and their reactions to the deluge- what a variety! We fell squarely into the 6 year old kid- type reaction- wayhayyyyyyyyy! Warm rain is fabulous stuff! Although it wasn't nearly as funny having to wait for over an hour to get out of the boggy car park in a twin-axle, and even less funny now waiting to hear if the whole thing is called off. Oo. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.



OH MY! I sure hope it cleared up & you got a decent tomorrow!!

And your display looked terrific!
What a shame, if it had to be cancelled!
Puts me in mind of when I was doing an outdoor show and all our 50 tents were blown away the night before. We did get a decent day on Sunday, and I had some sales,,,,but it was very disheartening!

Jane said...

I'm so pleased we found your tent at the Bath and West Show, your artwork is fabulous and I've been making a mental note of all my friends styles and colours in their houses so I can come and buy some of your work for gifts.... the only problem is will I be able to give it away once I have it back at my house?! Keep up the great work.

Serena said...

Dear Babs,
it's one of the few surprises left isn't it- what the weather decides to do!? At least our tents stayed in place though... it must have been awful seeing your stands sail off into the yonder. I do hope nobody told you it was character building- they would have been joining the wayward tents in my book!!

Dear Jane,
A warm and proper welcome to you on the blog! A 'show-blogger!!!' How great is that! Thank you for dropping in with such lovely comments- what fantastic feedback! You've fuelled me ever onwards, and appreciation goes a long way! Take care and drop in anytime! S ;)