Tuesday, 6 May 2008

New Large Art Deco Vase.....

If anyone can hear a strange, dry, raspy creaking sound, that's my fingers trying to remember how to use a keyboard again! What an age since last post. We have just had one of those all-consuming 'personal' weeks, which has left us the proud owner of an eighteen year old! The other one is twenty-one this year, and I'll be forty as well, so it's a fair bet that there will be a few more gaps in posting coming up! What else has been happening? Arthur the Van is looking more gorgeous than James Bond naked- can't wait to test-drive him for the shows (Arthur that is, not Daniel Craig!) And talking of shows, we have just been allocated a spot at this years Royal Bath and West, with the Wealth of Wiltshire. So SerenArts is feeling very excited and all 'teamed' up with lots of other small businesses local to us. Quite a few are artists though, so I will have to pull my socks up to grab some attention... well, I'm too old to show leg, and way too content to cause a stir, so best let the art speak for itself, methinks! This does of course mean that I am now going into hyper-drive work wise now, which makes for the best mood-booster. I feel invincible when I'm working towards something, but very unfocused and aimless when I'm not- anyone else like that? I'll try and contain myself, if only for my poor, long-suffering hubby. What else has a'happened? Ooh big drama came and went early last week. We were subject to a foreign takeover bid out of the blue. Woke up one morning and someone else (unwittingly, to be fair) was trading online as SerenArts. I've never boned up on e-commerce laws so quickly in all my life. Everything is happily sorted now, and apparently a good scare every now and again is good for you. Righto! That'll be two good scares then- The Saints left it until the last half hour of the last game in the season, to NOT be relegated. Thanks for that, Boys!
Any-road-up, here's the first of the new stuff for the Bath and West..... not sure what to call her yet, but Laundry Day popped into my head and wont shift. That'll never do!

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