Monday, 19 May 2008

A picture says a thousand words!

Well, it was easier to post one photo than blah-blah on about how busy I have been! I am such a hero- all of this was done by 3ml pipettes, no bristles on me, no siree. Out of the 34 pieces there I only broke one- that's a record sure enough. The table downstairs is also covered in glassware now, and that's a big old piece of timber! I am an obsessive. I need help. I can't wait for tomorrow, as I have a new range to play with. I really want to get on with the new platters too, but the paint hasn't arrived for those yet. Come on Postie, stick your '7 Leaguers' on! We got most of the material sorted for The Show today too- there is so much white fabric I could re-sail all the boats at the Henley Regatta. Ooo! It's gonna look sexy!


SerenArts said...

You certainly are my heroine! Have a rest now! There's always tomorrow. Love Mr P x

Kim said...

Serena, these are quite lovely. So let me understand here. These are glass vases which you paint? That is very cool! I love the designs you are using and the pipettes sure make sense. I really like the way they work with ink, as well.

I also wanted to say thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog today! I look forward to visiting your blog often and hopefully you will do the same with mine!



Hi Serena,
sshhhh, I sneaked in here behind Kim,,,who is always a good lead.

I'm wanting to totally understand your work too. These are all glass? They're very beautiful!
Your paintings are ultra nice also.
This is a very fun blog,,,I shall return!