Sunday, 1 June 2008

Getting back to reality....

I don't know how they did it. Seriously. I haven't an inkling on how the ground staff got the show back on track. Even the Fire Brigade said it had been their busiest night in living history, having had call outs every 3/4 seconds. SECONDS! Mike and I realised we'd been lucky getting out when we did, as literally everything was being shut down behind us like a bad horror flick. We didn't know what to expect turning up extra early the next morning- but it wasn't the green and verdant land that greeted us! Medals. That's what the grounds people should get. Big, shiny, Mr T sized medals. On plumped velvet cushions. That, or at least a mention in my blog... I'm sure they'll be just as happy with that too.
We had a fantastic time. Everything surpassed the previous year- sales, commissions and leads. What more could a girl as for! The comments we received will guarantee my enormous 'headswell' for another year at the very least. Lovely, lovely comments indeed. I can't rest on my laurels though... I must use this feel good feeling while it's still all fresh and warm.
Going to sign off now, but thought I'd share a few photos I took on a my "non" smoking break. Well. I'm all for equality! The foal despite it's demure and cute exterior, was truly psychotic and kicked out more than a chorus line full of double-jointed can-canners. Feel very sorry for the person who had to hold it's reins! (If Chucky was an equestrian that would be his horse.) I had to take the picture of the miniature horse too- how Thellwell! That person sitting on top could have helped out a bit and just put their legs down, though. And the Bloodhound's face said it all, I think, for the aching, traipsing feet of a long, but worthwhile Show.
Have fun, chat soon ;)

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