Thursday, 26 June 2008

Clever husband alert!!

Oooooohhhhhhh! He's good! He's already a demi-god in my rose-tinted, biased eyes, but now I think it's high time he was elevated to full deity status. My husband has completely renovated my website. Rebuilt, rewired and rebooted the whole caboodle. In under a week. How impressive is he!? Every home should have one, I reckon. He has been really busy with his side of the business too, so 3 cheers for Mr P, and Mr P for president etc! I am so excited and chuffed with things I've come over all unnecessary! There are still a few bits to upload in places but it all works and it won't be long before all of it is on. He has managed to amalgamate all the bitty parts together, and incorporate everything to one proper website. Not bad for someone who was computer illiterate a few years back, heh?!


Norma Pugh said...

We always knew he was brilliant! Love Mems and Peps XXX

Serena said...

Well, he comes from great gene stock!xxxxxxxxx


How fortunate you are!
Mine is not nearly so handy at techie things,,,,relies on ME,,the Technoweenie Queen to keep our stuff in order,,,so much of the time we are both in trouble!
It's scarey!

Serena said...

Lol Babs! Well if your 'puter skills are anything like your art, you'll never be in trouble!