Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A combination better than Surf 'n Turf...

I had a mini epiphany today. Not the spiritual kind, of a Deity showing themself to me in all their manifested glory and what not, although I concur that would have seriously livened the cold and grey day up around here- but No! Something far better! I combined my two arty worlds today. Immense hey? (I wish!) I have amalgamated the abstract glass work with traditional canvas, bringing the best of both together. I've had a hoot ! What a thoroughly enjoyable day. The box canvases were given a white wash, followed by copious amounts of clear acrylic gloss to mirror the shine of the glass. The little individual squares look great as part of a whole picture. I had a play with styles etc., and this is the result. I still need to stick them on mind, so this big idea could quickly unravel at the seams! My favourites are the flowers, but I do like the mini 4's at the top - I used the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse as a guide (like you do!) and 'grunged' the different, green- pestilence, yellow- famine and black- death as the basis. My husband Mike came up with a good'un- the colours of the jackets the Beatles wore on Sergeant Peppers! Any more for any more?!

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