Sunday, 8 June 2008

There's a cowboy in my swimming pool....24"x18" oil

Well I said the words, but I lied them-
I don't know any real cowboys and we certainly don't have a swimming pool! (A fish pond yes, but it's hardly the same!) Needed a catchy title though that could tell a story. This is my darling husband infact, cavorting around on holiday. He makes a great model in my wholly biased opinion. I have used him before as a male nude, but I gave him a full set of flowing locks on that picture to hide his identity! For this painting I used a palette knife on the patio area with some textured medium in the paint. It worked better than I expected, as I haven't really used a knife before (my one attempt is in the bathroom hiding bad plastering!) so I am pleased with this. More so than my hubby- he thinks I have given him extra chins! Maybe I could change him slightly when I have finished off his left hand.
Or not, who knows!

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Beautiful knife work!