Tuesday, 29 January 2008

ACEO example

My painting is staring balefully at me, I swear. It's having another E.A.Poe moment at me. I'm not surprised- it is getting pushed further towards the back of the main desk each day. I will make an effort on it tomorrow, that should stop the sulky vibe it is giving off. It's not that we're being lazy, it's just the day (and night) seems to be taken with lots of peripheral bits. Small, time-stealing things. Like ACEO cards (Art Cards, Editions and Originals.) People love to collect them, and it is big business on the web- ideal for us to promote the websites with. It's all jolly proper too. Signatures and certificates, genuine media and the like! So I have posted an example of one of the online aceo cards above. Today has also been taken up with behind the scenes website work. I took a whole load of photos of the new glass cards I'm doing to upload them onto the new, ready and waiting page (even did an arty-farty set-up to show them off,) only to find I had over-exposed every single shot. I was so confused I didn't even get cross- it's supposed to be an idiot proof camera. Looks like I'll be doing a spot of 'GroundHog Day' tomorrow! (Hope I get things right quicker than Bill Murray.)
I was going to ask Mike if he wanted to say something on the blog, but he is knee-deep in trifold brochures with the the worlds noisiest printer going! Maybe another day?!

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