Sunday, 20 January 2008


What a messy day and a busy old week to boot. Mmm, lovely! Haven't been able to get to the painting- look at the state of my tables... edge to edge creativity! Thought I had a storming idea earlier. I have noticed that although most of the transparent glass paints I use are lovely shiny colours, none of them really glow inwardly. So I wondered if flourescent dyes would work. Found some online medical supplier (Scuddlebutt3!) of all things chemically named- ordered a little selection of wacky sounding laboratory powders and sat down to play this afternoon. I am now orange. More orangey than a Jaffa, indeed, more orange than Dale Winton, William Shatner and all perma-tanned ballroom dancers put together. I am as orange as it gets! I started by mixing just a little of one of the powders into a clear solvent glass paint (Marabu) but was left with quite visible grains in the liquid. The fun started when I strained the concoction through a pair of old nylons! In a split second I fully understood the meaning of the word 'dye' as I became an extra from the Tango adverts. I did actually cover some glassware with the new colour...but also managed to stain my desk, the floor, the sink, my clothing, my left leg and a coffee cup. I shall be making the next batch in a paddling pool, with a full length cagoul and fisherman's waders on!

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