Sunday, 13 January 2008


Well the dinner party went without a hitch (apart from doing enough food to feed the street!) and the sound of high jocularity actually managed to drown out the noise of the torrential downpour going on outside, which was no mean feat. Woke up to find our town gone! Check out the photos- I have only just painted one view of Bradford on Avon and it's disappeared! Most of the town centre businesses must be badly affected. The river has a habit of bursting it's banks, but we haven't seen anything like this for many,many years. It is so widespread too. In one photo you can just make out the top of a rubbish bin for an indication of how deep the water is. In another, there is supposed to be a bridge that goes over the river...but it has been completely submerged. Even the ducks can't enjoy it- the flow is so fast that they keep getting swept away!
I will get round to posting the picture I am working on later- when I have actually done some more! I can see it out of the corner of my eye. It is getting very Edgar Allen Poe on me.

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SerenArts said...

Love your blog!
It all goes on in Bradford-on-Avon doesn't it?!
Can't wait to see how the picture ends up.