Sunday, 27 January 2008


Been 'plating' today- a time-consuming and noxious smelling experience,all in all. Luckily someone's got to do it! Got my 'rolling eyes' on, so this blog will be short and sweet. I am cheating slightly by padding it out with lots of photos...and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words! Ergo this must be a veritable virtual essay, by that reasoning!
We will be spending time tonight looking into ACEO cards, with a view to using proper canvas instead of card. We have seen a few people use this method, but it is quite rare. We are trying to utilise Godzilla the printer in an ever increasing manner- although printing off a 2.5 inch canvas on a 44" beast seems a little odd! Best do a big run, wethinks! Our accountant should be proud we are recycling the canvas offcuts, and it is another advertising tool for self-promotion. Got a feeling it could be a tad fiddly! Lots of rules to learn too.
By the by, my glass valentines cards are selling well here in town, so I shall be adding a new page to the website to cater for smaller items....,,,,but not tonight! Night all, and have a good week.

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