Monday, 14 January 2008

Raw fingers!

Busy day for Godzilla the printer. We have just printed off and stretched on seven customer canvases today in between all our other work. My fingertips are glowing but what we are really smugly chuffed about is the fact we actually walked somewhere for exercise. Us! Okay, it was only the post office round the corner...but from little acorns etc. Next stop the Olympics, methinks. Is there a 'waffle' category? I could do that for Britain easily!
Not much to say about the picture, except I should be running a book on 'how many minutes total will this finish on' - any takers?! I'm mulling over 53 mins; that feels about right at this moment. That could all change again tomorrow, though!


kokoclown said...

i have just read youre blog and i think that your paintings are very good and that the last painting is coming along very nicely i have yet to thankyou for the picture which i purchased at one of your exibition of a sunset which has fit in very well in my collection and i would like to say i am a fan of your oil on canvas work and i am looking foward to your next exibition.

alan schawz

Serena said...

Thank you for your kind words, Alan. They are greatly appreciated, my friend.

SerenArts said...

Put me down for 74 minutes please!
PS: hope you've all dried out now!