Friday, 4 January 2008

Can you guess what it is yet!

How quickly does a minute go when you're disorganised?! I'm going to have to sharpen my act up if this picture is ever going to be ready in under a decade! Mind you maths has never been my strong point and this first minute has been given over to measuring up for a panel in the centre. If you squint hard enough you may just make out a couple of lines- whoa! Life in the fast lane, heh?! I have gone for a mid size canvas and will be using oils and acrylics- nice and messy! I am going to have to find a different place to shoot the next photo as against the window just isn't going to work during sunlight hours... so tomorrows picture will be as it should be "frevvermoor" (going to take that long too!)
Mike and I are celebrating today- our accountant has just told us we have broken even and heading in the right direction. Good news to start the year with. Rah!! Pickled egg and a packet of crisps anyone?

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