Thursday, 24 January 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's Mem's birthday today, and all we can wish for is we look half as good as her when we're 70- that'll do us nicely! Mems is firstly Mike's mum and my mum-in-law (that's still too formal...she is more of an 'add-i-mum' I think) and not leastly, she is an integral part of SerenArts! She has been named Employee of the Month on many occasions for all the help she tirelessly gives- stepping in at shows, getting new retail outlets for us, plying us with fudge everywhere we go, the list goes on! And always with a smile on her face. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEMS! Bottoms up and all that. They are quite a pair actually, because Peps does all our proof reading AND named us! He's a dab hand at labels too (I wanted to mention Pepe so he doesn't get/feel left out!)
We surreptitiously phoned today to see if her flowers had arrived, and as we were talking the doorbell went. Lo and behold, a bouquet of flowers arrived. Wow! The chances of that happening as we were talking! Mike and I grinned happily at each other stifling our giggles as the envelope was opened.....only to find out it was in fact a HUGE bouquet from someone else! We were speechless for a second! No easy task for us. Although we thought something was amiss when Mems said it was a large bouquet- we only got her some weeny freesias, not great triffid lilies and suchlike! My how we all laughed when our size-challenged flowers arrived...........ohhh yeaaaah!

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