Thursday, 10 January 2008

New prezzies!

Woot! We got lots of presents for the business today. All sorts of stuff. We had a 'my present is better than your present' moment but compromised on Mike's being bigger, and mine more exciting (well, what can you say to that!) The new boxes for invitations and the like came flat-packed, so Mike had a play at putting them together...I have a feeling I may be making up the rest! They are mainly for postal protection, and a more professional finish to the overall print job, but I think we can utilize them for unique glass cards I'm currently putting together. Mike has also stepped up his global domination of the print world by sourcing beautiful vellum paper, and proper poster paper for all sorts of creative uses for our clients. The company we use for our large format stuff is excellent, and now we will be able to offer choice of finishes for canvases etc. They've got everything, and all superior wares too... which we can now pass on. My presents were lots of new and specialised paints for an added dimension to glass work. I have even got flourescent dyes used in medical practice to mix in with solvent mediums! I have not stopped grinning today, having a wild time with new things is a real treat. I will have to start noting down different permutations of all the various effects for posterity!

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